An Exciting Vision for Next Year

At our year end Toronto banquet, a passionate young Christian leader shared an exciting vision (written by herself and a C4C staff member) of what she would like to see God to do next year at Ryerson University.  Please pray with her to this end.

But what are we excited for next year? What we’re most looking forward to are the life transformations in non-Christian students. What would this look like?

In the lives of the young women on campus there would be an end to self-destructive habits of attention-seeking behavior.  They would be set free from of being slaves to the latest fashion trends or Facebook polls.  That they would be free from wanting to look for love and finding love and acceptance and approval in destructive dating and sexual relationships with guys that don’t care for them. But can find a true, life-transforming relationship with God.

A relationship with Jesus would dispel the deception of mixed media messages acclaiming anorexic images as the epitome of beauty.

They wouldn’t feel compelled to go farther with guys at parties or clubs to gain validation of their worth because they would know they are adopted (Eph 1:5), bought with a price and they belong to God (1 Cor 6:19, 20).

It would look like young women experiencing healing in their hearts and relationships, learning to trust again as they count themselves as royalty in God’s kingdom (1 Tim 6:15).  They wouldn’t count on the perfumes of Victoria’s Secret to win them into the hearts of men but know and rejoice that they are the sweet fragrance of Christ to God (2 Cor. 2:15).

They wouldn’t carry on each day relying on compliments to get them through but would live to selflessly bless others by knowing they have been established, anointed and sealed by God (2 Cor. 1:21-22).

For guys, it would mean radical transformation would mean instead of looking for meaning in being successful students and future businessmen/entrepreneurs, instead of guys looking to fulfill their sense of power by conquering the financial industry, and conquering women, instead of guys being apathetic about how messed up the world is and about their own spiritual destiny, we can actually see life-transformation. Where guys actually become men. Where these men don’t seek power to control people, but they seek power to help and transform the world around them. Instead of them being apathetic, self-centred, un-caring about the God who created them, wasting their time with Halo and porn, and objectifying women, they actually seek to be leaders like Christ, They want to save the world, not for their glory but for the Glory of Christ. They don’t want to waste their lives, but want to make their lives count for Christ and the Lost.

What would transformation at Ryerson look like? It would mean walking down the side of Gould Street, and not seeing posters advertising cheap student rates for fetish nights at the local nightclubs.  It would look like where students actually know the difference between true and false Christianity. Where professors don’t slam Christian beliefs because of their lack of knowledge. It would look like where it’s not just the newspapers that care about social justice at Ryerson, but all students care about the rights of the oppressed. Where justice, racism, inequality aren’t just a fashionable idea that the Ryersonian promotes, but that students feel and experience value and equality because of their relationship with God through Christ.

This transformation would extend beyond into the residence floors, into classrooms, into faculties like the Business and Social Work areas we’re trying to reach.  This transformation would be carried through graduates and into the work force. And this transformation would go home with International students, back to their home country. And testimonies of real life transformation would sweep the world, infect the Internet, infuse our music, influence our culture changing the very fabric of our social structures.

The thing I am most excited about for next year at Ryerson C4C is to be apart of the transformation that God is bringing to the darkened eyes and hearts of stone in our city.  But I’m also so hopeful for the transformation that’s going to happen in the lives of the Christian students.

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