Favourite Quotes from Relevant Week


As we reflect, pray, and plan for next year’s outreaches, I have been meditating on some of the beautiful and hopeful wisdom shared during this past year’s Relevant Series. Here are some of my favourite quotations from the week below. I trust that you will be encouraged as you read and reflect:


“What we see of Jesus treatment towards women is breathtaking, shocking and inspiring” – @michelle_tepper


“Jesus’ message was not one of religion or morality, but rather of relationship with him” – @michelle_tepper


“If physics & chemistry are all that exist, it’s hard to explain how freedom exists in any meaningful way” – @andygbannister


“Real freedom is choosing the right constrictions that will lead to a flourishing life” –  @andygbannister


“The idea of totally autonomous freedom destroys all deep relationships. Love means sacrificing freedoms” – @andygbannister


“Living for God means becoming who we’re meant to be. Becoming fully human.” – @andygbannister


“Christian faith is trust on the basis of evidence not trust in the absence of evidence” – @andygbannister


“If atheism is right, we don’t believe anything because it’s true. We believe because of biological factors” –  @andygbannister


“The heart of Christianity is not an abstract idea, but a God who stepped into history as a person: Jesus” –  @andygbannister


“Religion though poisonous at times is not the real problem, maybe the problem is deeper-maybe it’s us” – @andygbannister


“However deep the pit is… it’s never too deep that God can’t pull you out and put you back on your feet” – @SharonDirckx


“Justice is the restoration of every violation of love” – @michelle_tepper


“The very reason why we have an infinite need of affirmation is because we were made for the affirmation of the infinite One” -Logan Gates


“The greatest possible being expressing the greatest possible ethic in the greatest possible-Jesus on the cross” – @AbduMurray


“In Christianity God doesn’t just say something about suffering, He does something about suffering” – @AbduMurray


“Christianity says we are all naturally broken in our sexuality, without Jesus none of us are straight” –  @SamAllberry


“Our culture has collapsed intimacy & friendship into the same thing, but you can have lots of sex & no intimacy” – @SamAllberry


“The more we try to bind ourselves to multiple people the less that binding will work” –@SamAllberry


“God gave us sex as a good thing, it’s not something He tolerates or we discovered behind his back” – @SamAllberry


“Our disordered desire for God has resulted in a disordered and destructive desire for people” – @michelle_tepper

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