God + Reason Talks on Video, Fall 2014

Again this semester we ran God + Reason: A Christian Perspective. Through this series we aim to show that trust in God is reasonable. In this free lecture series with Q and A professors, thinkers, academics, or graduate students give reasons why they trust in God or address objections to why people don’t trust in God.

Here are the the talks below (on video) that we did this semester (if you like what you see you are welcome to come out next semester; the series is open to the general public):

“Does the World Show Evidence of a Designer?” Dr. Ingmar Bitter (PhD, SUNY), Engineer at Claron Technology, Toronto.

“If God is Good, Why is there Senseless Suffering?” Dr. Ewan Goligher (MD, UBC), PhD student in Physiology at U of T.

“Is the Bible Against Sexual Freedom?” Stuart Floyd (BSc, MDiv, STM), Pastor at Karis Toronto.


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