Has Science Made God Irrelevant? A Dialogue Between Dr. John Lennox and Dr. Christopher DiCarlo

It was a privilege to help organize Dr. John Lennox’s visit to Toronto. Having Dr. Lennox come to the University of Toronto is the biggest highlight in terms of Christian witness at the University of Toronto in at least a decade. 850 people packed into Knox Presbyterian church (steps from U of T) to hear a dialogue between Dr. John Lennox and Dr. Christopher DiCarlo (a local atheist philosophy of science professor) on the question “Has Science Made God Irrelevant?” If we had more space, based on the amount of people we had to turn away and based on the fact that many people did not come because it was sold out, we could have easily had 1400 people attend.

Thank you to Wayne Deering and his team for filming and editing the video and for The Veritas Forum for hosting it on their site.

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