Mission Trip to Denmark

In February I had the opportunity to help with leading a team to post-Christian Denmark. My team was stationed in Copenhagen. This was the second year of a multi-year partnership with Agape (the European division of Power to Change). A main goal of short term missions to Denmark is that the student ministry in Denmark can become indigenously led, self-sustaining, and globally sending.

In this atheistic Lutheran country secularism is taken for granted. It is a “blind faith,” in that most haven’t thought through the challenges to secularism and why they think what they believe is true. Most students that we interacted with just assumed that secularism was true. When we asked friendly yet challenging questions they were unprepared and were quite shocked (e.g. questions about the origin of the universe, the objectivity of morality and the need for a ground for justice, the founders of modern science, the historicity of Jesus, etc.).

However, even though most of these students are post-Christian, they are not closed. They are against legalistic religion, but are quite open to the true gospel when it is shared.

We had some very encouraging and fruitful conversations. When talking with one graduate student she said “People often follow religion blindly.” I agreed and had the opportunity to share the beauty of the gospel and the compelling evidence for God from science, history, and human experience. Another student, Muhammad, and I talked on multiple occasions about Jesus and he brought a friend with him to our Canada party. He told me “I know when someone is a Christian because of the happiness I see on their face.” After discussing the origin of the universe and the historicity of Jesus, a Chinese graduate student studying in the sciences said to me: “Before our conversation together I didn’t believe God existed. After talking to you I now believe He exists and I want there to be a God.”

Because of the missions trip, two godly Canadian young men, Justus Au and Lucas Burton, sensed God’s call to return for a year or more to bring the forgotten and beautiful gospel to the lovely people of Denmark. They have just recently arrived there. Please pray for them, that their ministry will bear much lasting fruit. You can follow Lucas’ journey here: https://www.iammultiplied.com/blog.

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