Reflections on the Week + Videos of the Talks

My good friend Logan Gates reflects on our Relevant Week: “Are these types of outreaches even effective? When it comes to sharing our faith, we sometimes think we either just need to be ‘good friends’ and hope our niceness will lead people to faith, or that we need to scout someone out whom we can evangelize ‘at.’ In all his relationships, Jesus embodied an example of genuine friendship and sincere desire for the holistic good of the other. Whether with the woman at the well, a tax collector in the tree, or the thief on the cross, he had a profound ability to engage people, and out of love, invite them into the life he offered. The conversations were sometimes difficult and exposed what was really in a person’s heart, but the invitation to the life only Jesus could give was always there.”

Justitia Pak, another friend, business leader, and alumni of UofT spoke and volunteered during the week. In an interview with RZIM he shares why mission weeks are so important for Canadian university campuses:

“I think a lot of people feel, but don’t really know about the apathy this culture has for the church. I really believe it is at a different level in Canada. It’s not that people necessarily have contempt for the Church, they just don’t really care. Canadians tend to prioritize harmony over truth. We would rather privately disagree and get along than risk sharing a belief, true or not, that may make others uncomfortable. You might work beside someone for a decade, know their family, personal, and professional lives in detail – but still have no idea what they think about Jesus. You see it in terms of your colleagues at work, in terms of the students at schools, and very much so at the University of Toronto as one of the imminent academic institutions in the country. This is where the whole world comes. This university is where some of the elite of Canada go. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. This is one of the most prestigious universities in terms of its rankings in the country. So, you mix all that together, and you have such a massive opportunity for the Gospel to be spoken at a place like this. The whole world is coming here.”

To watch videos of many of the talks from the week click here. Plans are the well under way for our third Relevant Series in January of 2018. We appreciate your prayers for God’s wisdom and guidance as we plan.

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