Ultimate Questions: An Exciting National Initiative

After hours and many months of extended brainstorming, dreaming, prayer, meetings, discussions, planning, budgeting, and strategizing, I am happy to announce the official online launch of a new ministry this fall. Ultimate Questions will explore life’s biggest questions, respond to the most difficult objections, and point to the One who is the answer. With the launch of this ministry we aim to have a national presence, being a resource to campuses across the country in helping with outreach and in equipping students. We will have weekly blogs, a podcast, short videos, provide new attractive and relevant outreach materials, coach campuses in effective outreach strategies, and our team will speak at various campuses. Lord willing, we will expand our team to include locally based men and women in major cities throughout the country. As co-director of this new national team within Power to Change (my focus being on staff and development), Lord willing, I will still have a local grassroots role, continuing to help with reaching students and professors at the University of Toronto. Currently, I am coaching five staff on the team. Here are the wonderful people I have the blessing of working alongside:

Dr. Kirk Durston is a scientist and a philosopher with a PhD in Biophysics (Guelph), an MA in Philosophy (Manitoba), a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Physics (Manitoba). His work involves a significant amount of time thinking, writing and speaking about the interaction of science, theology and philosophy within the context of authentic Christianity. He has published peer reviewed articles in both science and philosophy journals. Kirk has been married for 35 years to Patti and they have six children and three grandchildren.

George Simopoulos received a BA from the University of Toronto, specializing in Political Science, with a secondary major in Ethics, Society and Law and is doing graduate work at Wycliffe, U of T. He loves to engage campus life by asking the big questions not often discussed in class. In high school, George was struck with a painful brain condition that left him in bed most of the day. After discovering Jesus in the midst of his pain, George set out on a lifelong journey of helping people discover where God is when life hurts.

Wesley Huff was born in Multan, Pakistan and spent a portion of his childhood in the Middle East. He has a BA in Sociology from York University, a Masters from Tyndale University, and is about to start a PhD in New Testament at the University of Toronto. While being an avid blogger, he has also contributed numerous entries to the Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions. Wesley has a passion for the study of the reliability of the Scriptures and his graduate studies have focused on the field of textual criticism. After growing up in majority Muslim countries, his areas of interest also include inter-faith dialogue between Islam and Christianity, primarily in the textual histories of the Bible and Qur’an. He has been participating in public dialogues for the last six years. An avid athlete, while doing his undergrad he was a varsity athlete with the York University track and field team. Wes lives in Toronto with his wife Melissa. You can watch some of his talks here.

Jon Topping has always enjoyed the intersection of philosophy and faith. He loves to have deep conversations with those who are either struggling in their faith, or have challenges against the faith. Jon sees the different roadblocks that hold people back from considering the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he knows God has put him on this earth to help clear these away so that the faith of young people can be strengthened, and so that the Gospel can be brought to people who wouldn’t otherwise consider it. Jon is a part-time professor at the Master’s College, teaching philosophy, apologetics, and ethics (also having taught at Tyndale University) and is a pastor to youth at Emmanuel Community Church.You can listen to a talk he gave at our Power to Change Plus conference here. Jon holds an MA in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola University and a BA with a double major in philosophy and religious studies from Tyndale University. Jon, his wife Leah, and daughter Laura, live in Port Perry.

Michael Horner has over 40 years of experience passionately presenting the case for the Christian faith. During this time he has participated in more than 80 public dialogues and hundreds of lectures on Canadian and American university campuses and beyond. Having received an MA in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, he was also an instructor in Philosophy at Trinity Western University for 20 years. You can listen to his interesting podcasts here.

Peter Kupisz, with me, is the co-director for this new team (his focus being on research and training). He has an MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola University and an MA in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology from the University of Toronto. He worked as an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Biola University and as a full-time Instructor at Dongju College in South Korea. While living in Korea he started a popular apologetics Facebook page called “Mars Summit” which focuses on the key issues related to the truth and relevance of Christianity vis-à-vis other religions and worldviews. In this article, he is interviewed about why he is excited about our new team.

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