Video Clip from the Q&A of “The Bible: Fact or Fiction,” Relevant Series at the University of Toronto

My new colleague, Wesley Huff, of the newly formed Power to Change Apologetics Team, answers questions regarding the reliability of the text of the biblical New Testament. This video is taken from the Q&A for the talk “The Bible: Fact or Fiction” during the Relevant Series at the University of Toronto following a talk by RZIM Canada’s Logan Gates.

TALK DESCRIPTION: Is the Bible a myth? Does it describe real events in history? Hasn’t it been corrupted so the original message has been lost? If not, what is the evidence that it can be taken seriously?

The Relevant Series ( is sponsored by the following campus groups: Wycliffe College, Power to Change, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Agape Impact, Network of Christian Scholars, Inter-Varsity, Every Nation Campus, and Athletes in Action.

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