Video of “Are All Religions Basically the Same?” Relevant Series at the University of Toronto

It was a great joy to again co-lead the University of Toronto mission week. During the Relevant Series week, 1500 students attended 17 talks. Here is a video of one of them.


Aren’t all religions beautiful myths based on faith that all teach basically the same thing? Be a good person, love your neighbour, care for the poor, practice justice? Isn’t it bigoted and ethnocentric to say that one religion is more true to reality (science, history, the human condition) than another? Can tests of truth even be applied to religion? If so, what would they be? If religions don’t all teach the same thing, that they are fundamentally different, yet superficially the same, where do they differ?


ABDU MURRAY is North American Director with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and is the author of “Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews.” For most of his life, Abdu was a proud Muslim who studied the Qur’an and Islam. After a nine year investigation into the historical, philosophical, and scientific underpinnings of the major world religions and views, Abdu discovered that the historic Christian faith alone can answer the questions of the mind and the longings of the heart.

Abdu holds a BA from the University of Michigan and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. As an attorney, Abdu was named several times in Best Lawyers in America.


DR. KIRK DURSTON is a scientist and a philosopher with a PhD in Biophysics (University of Guelph), an MA in Philosophy (University of Manitoba), a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and a BSc in Physics (University of Manitoba). His work involves a significant amount of time thinking, writing and speaking about the interaction of science, theology and philosophy within the context of authentic Christianity. He has published peer reviewed articles in both science and philosophy journals.

Kirk has been married for 35 years to Patti and they have six children and three grandchildren. He enjoys landscape photography, antiques of various types, wilderness canoeing and camping, fly fishing, amateur astronomy, reading, and enjoying family and friends.

MICHELLE TEPPER is an itinerant speaker with RZIM in the US, teaching worldwide on a number of subjects, including the problem of pain, God’s character, sex, relationships, and love.

Before moving back to home to the United States, Michelle was based in Oxford. She studied theology at the University of Oxford, was a guest lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and spoke overseas as a part of the RZIM European team Prior to joining the RZIM staff, Michelle worked for six years as the University Chaplain for St. Aldate’s—a thriving, historic, student friendly church located in the heart of Oxford. While at Oxford, Michelle met and married her husband there. Michelle and her husband, Peter, live in Florida with their daughter, Sophia.

The Relevant Series ( is sponsored by the following campus groups: Wycliffe College, Power to Change, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Agape Impact, Network of Christian Scholars, Inter-Varsity, Every Nation Campus, and Athletes in Action.

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