Video of Dr. Andy Bannister’s talk at U of T: “Can My Life Have Meaning Without God?”

Recently I had the privilege of helping to organize an event at the University of Toronto featuring author, speaker, and scholar Dr. Andy Bannister. During his talk he addressed the question “Can My Life Have Meaning Without God?” The video of his talk + Q and A is now available online. Enjoy and pass on to a friend.

The talk was based off of one of the chapters in his recently released book The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist Or: the Dreadful Consequences of Bad Arguments (Oxford: Lion). In this book he looks at common atheist soundbites that at first glance sound quite powerful, but upon deeper examination begin to unravel.

He uses humour, wit, good illustrations, logic, and reason to get to the bottom of things. Some of these sound bites include: atheism is not a belief system; all religions are the same; religion is a psychological crutch; religion poisons everything; science can explain all of reality; we can be good without God; we can have meaning in life without God; Jesus is a myth.

You can buy his book here online: or (free shipping).

What people have had to say about the book:

“Intelligent, provocative & laugh-out loud funny. A breath, a gust, a positive whoosh of fresh air. Made me laugh, made me think, made me cry. The words bounce across the page.” — Adrian Plass

“This lively, witty, and engaging book provides a powerful and thoughtful critique of the New Atheism associated with Richard Dawkins and others. This is a lovely book, which draws deeply on high-quality philosophical, historical, and scientific thinking. A readable, thoughtful, and humorous challenge to those who hold New Atheist beliefs. Highly recommended!” – Professor Steve Walton, St Mary’s University, London.


Dr. Andy Bannister is a popular author, speaker and broadcaster. He speaks and teaches regularly throughout Canada, the USA, Europe, and the wider world, addressing audiences of all faiths and none on issues of philosophy, belief, and scepticism. Andy holds a doctorate in Islamic studies from Brunel University, London and is a guest lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford. He enjoys mountaineering, juggling, and cats (although not simultaneously). He tweets frequently at @andygbannister.

The event was sponsored by: RZIM Canada (; Wycliffe College, University of Toronto (; Crux Books (; Power to Change (, and the Network of Christian Scholars (

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