Video of How Should We Respond to Suffering? Physician-Assisted Death and the Shape of Christian Mercy featuring Dr. Ewan Goligher

Here is the video of an event I helped organize back in June of last year. Physician-Assisted Death (PAD) is now legally permissible in Canada. Despite traditional resistance to mercy killing, contemporary Canadian society regards PAD as a plausibly effective and permissible means of relieving suffering. Dr. Ewan Goligher examines the defining features and key secular assumptions underpinning the practice of PAD and explores how the Christian worldview and the gospel of Jesus bear on our responses to PAD and human suffering.


Dr. Ewan Goligher is a Christian physician and on faculty at the University of Toronto. He holds degrees in biochemistry and medicine (MD) from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in physiology from the University of Toronto together with specialist certification in internal medicine and intensive care medicine. His research focuses on the impact of mechanical ventilation on the lungs and muscles of breathing. As an ICU physician, he frequently cares for patients at the end of their lives. His work on the issues of physician-assisted death and physician conscientious objection has been published in an academic medical journal and the press. Ewan co-founded the Network of Christian Scholars. He and his family attend Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills.

This talk was held at Ryerson University and is presented by Grace Toronto Church and Power to Change.

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